6 Areas Famous for Stunning Northern Lights

6 Areas Famous for Stunning Northern Lights

Have you ever seen Aurora Borealis? This phenomenon is also known as the Northern Lights. Most of us have thought of going to a place to enjoy the view.

But where are the best places to go and see the colors in the night sky? Here is a list of such countries. Which one would you pick to go to first?

1. Svalbard, Norway

Svalbar is located in the very North of the country. It is found between the 74th and 81th parallel. It is an island tat belongs to Norway and is relatively close to the Arctic circle. This is where you can see the Aurora since there the latitude is very high. If you want to see the light, we suggest you should visit the place between November and February. There is another reason why tourists come to that spot. This is where you can also enjoy the Polar Night – another stunning phenomenon. During the period the area is without daylight. It’s great to go there any time since you will get to see polar bears, walrus and reindeer.

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