5 Unique Islands Created by People

5 Unique Islands Created by People

Man-made islands are ready to welcome you! You should definitely go thereto see how stunning they are. Make your arrangements and book a trip to one of the area mentioned below.

Each of them is unique, special and different from what you have ever seen and experienced so far.

1. Deira Island, Palm Jumeirah, and Palm Jebel Ali 

These three islands are man-made yet not less impressive than what Mother Nature creates. You can find them nearby Dubay, on the very coast of the area. The UAE take pride in whatever they build and create and the three sister islands are really just some of the places for every tourist to visit and see. Without Nakheel, the company that is responsible for the design and construction, we wouldn’t have the islands resembling a palm tree in its shape and form. 

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