6 Signs You Are of No Interest to Him

6 Signs You Are of No Interest to Him

Well, actually it’s easy to tell whether the man you’ve met is into you or not. There are some certain things that tell us when someone is attracted to us.

Being realistic is the most important part of any relationship. In order to avoid disappointment, we should never imagine things. It is the way it is and sometimes we cannot get what we want – you may be into a man who is not really into you. Relax and admit that some situations are beyond your control! You are not supposed to be liked by every person you meet in your life. How do you know you are of no interest to him? Here are the signs:

1. He says he needs more space, although you contacted him last a few weeks ago.

A man who is interested in a woman would never keep silent for weeks. He would never wait for her to message him first after a month or so. If you decided to contact him after a very long period of time and all you got was a lame excuse, then this is definitely because he does not want to be with you. Well, let him be on his own then!

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