5 Unusual Cults That Only Few Know Of

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5 Unusual Cults That Only Few Know Of

The world stuns us with the number of cultures, traditions and religions that exist in it. Some people practice cults only few of us have ever heard of. Some of the cults mentioned below will sound very shocking – not only are they bizarre, they are also dangerous.

1. Raelism

Raelists believe that aliens exist. These people have their own philosophy and follow it. The number of members exceeds 90,000. They strongly believe that the Elohim is a group of aliens who started our planet. They claim that those aliens were very good at genetic engineering and managed to create life. More than that, they think that the aliens got in touch with around 40 extremely influential people in the world (Buddha, Moses, Jesus and others) whose mission was to act as prophets.

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