5 Longest Direct Flights in the World

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5 Longest Direct Flights in the World

The fastest way of travelling is considered to be by plane. Sometimes you need to travel to a very distant land and you know that your flight will take hours during which you will cover a few thousand miles.

Here is a list of 5 longest non-stop flights in the world:

5. New York to Hong Kong
Distance: over 8,000 miles
Flying Time: 16 hours
The ‘World's Best Airline’ award is given to Cathay Pacific and there is a good reason why. Passengers appreciate the company for the comfort that this airline provides. Passengers do not experience any kind of suffering during the longest journey from New York to Hong Kong. There're plenty of fun things to enjoy during such a long flight. You can either watch TV, read magazines or simply listen to music and relax.

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