5 Fantastic Private Islands You’d Love to Own

5 Fantastic Private Islands You’d Love to Own

The rich know that money needs to be invested in the best stuff available. They buy private islands and turn them into holiday resorts.

Most of those sites are stunning and people are ready to pay money to see them. Which one of the 5 islands would you like to visit?

1. Antarctic Island – The World, Dubai

Dubai is one of the hottest areas on our planet. It is amusing that someone decided to give the island such a contrasting name. Antarctic Island is an artificially made spot and belongs to a group of another 300 islands. They are located off the coast and nowadays it is known to be one of the most prestigious areas. The archipelago was named ‘The World’ since its design resembles an atlas. Antarctic Island was given to Michael Schumacher as a gift. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum rewarded the racer for his achievements before Schumacher decided to retire. You can rent a helicopter and fly to the island worth $7 million. Unfortunately, no one knows the fate of Antarctic is unknown due to the accident that happened to the sportsman a few years ago.

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