7 Clear Signs the Man Is Interested in You

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7 Clear Signs the Man Is Interested in You

There are sure ways to tell whether your date is interested in you or not. If you stay attentive, then you will notice plenty of signs that will tell you what the man feels when he is around you.

Do not ignore the smallest clues since they may mean a lot. Most of what we do come from our subconscious. What words he says is not as essential as what signals he sends while communicating with you.

He keeps eye contact and looks into your eyes
We know that eye contact is very important. This rule applies to all sorts of relationships, business relationship included. However, if you are in a romantic relationship, your eye contact will last much longer than usual. If the man you are dating looks into your eyes and listens to what you are saying with great interest, then it’s a clear sign he is attracted to you.

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