5 Main Reasons That Make Your Partner Lie to You

5 Main Reasons That Make Your Partner Lie to You

Analyze the reasons that make your partner lie to you. How serious are they? How innocent are those reasons and are you ready to tolerate white lies?

Neither your partner nor you are perfect and sooner or later each of you will hear lies from the other. The point is to understand the purpose of the lie.

1. He lies because he wants to impress you

People exaggerate things. Sometimes they exaggerate things about their qualities, such as talents, skills and intelligence. We want to sound smart and look impressive. People know that if they have plenty of exceptional qualities, they will be respected and appreciated by others. This is easy to comprehend and very hard to avoid – all of us lie to make ourselves look more impressive. However, this is one of the most pervasive reasons for lying in romantic relationships and dating.

How to react and what to do: If you see that your partner is ready to lie to you in order to impress you, do something to reassure the person you are with. You can say that you are impressed with what he said to you, but what you’re searching for is someone who is honest, caring and reliable.

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