6 Traits That Differ Left-Handed People From Right-Handers

6 Traits That Differ Left-Handed People From Right-Handers

There are a lot of pitfalls and perks of being left-handed. It’s always interesting and exciting to read the facts, history and even myths about such people.

It's known that 90% of the population is born right-handed. The rest of the world, which is mere 10%, is left-handed and, actually, this is not the only thing that makes these people so unique and different. There’re several mental and health aspects to consider, too. Lefties live a different life since their bodies and brains work in a different manner. It is said that there’re mixed-handed folks – they use different hands to accomplish different tasks. Here is a list of traits you should know about left-handed people: 

1. It's not all about genetics 

It's not yet clear why people are born left-handed. What scientists do know is that left-handedness passes from generation to generation. This trait runs in families and genes are responsible for only about 25% of the cases. A baby may inherit it just like any other traits. However, twins with the same genes can at times have different dominant hands. More studies should be conducted in order to identify what aspects and factors determine which hand a baby will write with once he grows up.

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