6 Factors That Influence Your Sleeping Patterns

6 Factors That Influence Your Sleeping Patterns

Unpleasant dreams are called nightmares. All of us have dreamed about something that made us sweat with horror at night. Frightening visions can be explained.

Here is a list of 6 major factors that affect your sleeping patterns. Study them and you might find the answer to your nightmares.

1. Smells

Smells have an impact on what kind of dreams come to us at night. Experts claim that unpleasant odors, such as sulphur, may lead to dreams we do not enjoy. On the contrary, a flora odor will be the reason why tonight you were dreaming about something wonderful. Studies have proved that a person cannot replicate these results in the bedroom by, for instance, spraying rose blossom aroma before going to bed. Any sudden aroma we smell at night may cause an unexpected effect.

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