5 Not Widely Known Facts about Thanksgiving

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5 Not Widely Known Facts about Thanksgiving

The last Thursday of November is a special day for most of the American citizens. They celebrate Thanksgiving Day. This holiday has its history and lots of traditions. On this day people express their thanks for all the good things they have.

The celebration involves families, friends and relatives.

1. Thanksgiving is celebrated in space
Our planet is not the only place where Thanksgiving is celebrated. Spacemen also follow this tradition while orbiting the Earth. According to astronauts, Thanksgiving Day in space is celebrated just like it is celebrated on earth. They follow all traditions. Their meal consists of mashed potatoes. They also enjoy smoked turkey and green beans. The crew can enjoy mushrooms too. All of the products are rehydrated and prepared in a special way. Astronauts report that their Thanksgiving dinner is perfect. The only part of the day that they really miss is their families and friends.

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