5 Halloween Aspects 30-Year-Olds See Differently

5 Halloween Aspects 30-Year-Olds See Differently

After you turn 30 you see things in a new light. This phenomenon occurs in all spheres of your life, including holidays. When you grow up you no longer gather candies.

Screaming ‘trick or treat’ is no longer acceptable, either. However, you still enjoy this wonderful holiday. Deep inside we stay kids forever. Unfortunately, we change from outside. So does our attitude to events. Here are five most noticeable changes you might experience:

1. Trick-or-Treating

We can hardly see 30-year-olds running from neighbor to neighbor expecting to receive treats. No giggling adults around and there are only kids joyfully screaming, yelling the usual stuff and singing songs. Whether you got a sock or a candy, as a kid you loved Halloween for its mysterious atmosphere and happy mood. Now you would look weird if you dressed up in a costume.

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