9 Foods Necessary for Healthy Hair and Nails

9 Foods Necessary for Healthy Hair and Nails

Add a few foods and make your menu more varied and healthy.

Here is a list of products that strengthen nails and hair:

1. Red meat

Protein is what our body needs to function properly. Without protein you cannot boast thick hair or strong nails. Red meat contains iron – an element that you need if your hair is thin or if you suffer from anemia caused by iron-deficiency. One of the quickest ways to detect whether you need more iron or not is to observe your nails. If you see that they are spoon-shaped, then you definitely need to include red meat in your diet. There is no need to consume red meat on a daily basis. If you do, you will be at risk of developing heart disease since this food has lots of saturated fat. Opt for lean beef and prepare it at home. Steamed and baked dishes with red meat are preferred. Another way to get iron is by taking supplements recommended by your doctor.

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