6 Steps towards Glossy Hair and Glowing Skin

6 Steps towards Glossy Hair and Glowing Skin

Babies are born perfect – they skin is smooth and their hair is silky. Why do we, grown-up people, ruin our own beauty?

It’s all up to us how good we are willing to look and there're a lot of things we can do to protect and prolong our natural beauty. People should definitely take greater care of themselves and do all possible to help us stay young, healthy and attractive. Determine your skin and hair type and follow the tips given below:

1. If your skin is dull, oily or combination

Add some sugar to iced yogurt and apply the mixture on your skin. Gently massage your face with orange or lemon halves. Keep scrubbing until the sugar crystals melt. Rinse your face and neck with cold water.

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