4 Foods for People Diagnosed with Diabetes

4 Foods for People Diagnosed with Diabetes

Those who are suffering from diabetes need to take better care of themselves. They must watch their diet and keep track of what they eat and drink.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, do not give up and improve your condition by making some changes. For instance, include the following five foods in your menu:

1. Legumes

It’s time you started loving legumes. This group of food includes lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas and cannelloni beans. No refried stuff, though. Forget the beans you usually get in burritos. Eat them in salads. Legumes are good for dieters – they are low in calories and fats but rich in other nutrients. Legumes contain plenty of protein and fiber. You need these two components to keep you energetic. You can prevent heart disease and lower the risk of developing diabetes by consuming legumes more often.

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